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Video CMS

GIZMOTT's video Content Management System (CMS) is your go-to place to take complete control of your Video business. From uploading and organizing videos to a detailed analytical report, you'll be able to do everything you need with GIZMOTT CMS.

Tagging & Geo-Location Targeting

Add as much information of your content as you can using GIZMOTT CMS. Give your viewers all the information they require about your content. They will appreciate them more. You can give access to specific videos based on the specific location of your viewers. Customize what videos the world sees using the GIZMOTT CMS.

Upload &

Upload you content from your sytem or from the cloud with ease. It has support for multiple audio and video formats. You can also organize your content either as a single movie / documentary or as a TV Series.

Playlist & Analytics

Create a playlist of your most popular videos to create a live channel to give your viewers a traditional TV like experience. You can also find every information you'd ever need about your video business on the GIZMOTT CMS. All the analytical information including the number of subscribers, videos watched, popular videos and revenues received are all available right here.