Construction Management Portal for Sports Retailer

Construction Management Portal for Sports Retailer

This development, maintenance and support project was executed by Gizmeon’s Java development team, Mobile apps(both iOS and Android) development team and the TV apps development team.

Client :

The client is a French sporting goods retailer. With over 1500 stores in more than 50 countries, it is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world.

Project :

The project was implemented for their construction management team which handles all the phases from initial feasibility to final handover of the constructed site.

The maintenance and support project was initiated to support the workflow of the construction team. It can handle the various phases of Store building right from feasibility, construction to final handover of the site.

Project involves developing a complete solution to manage the construction of a sports store.

Solution also provides detail reporting to various executive management levels.

A web application and an Android /iOS based mobile app helps client to  plan, execute and track the retail store construction.

Requirement :

The requirement was to build and manage the existing system and also promote ease of use of the same by creating Mobile apps which should work offline and later sync when online.

Project requirement also involved implementing planning, budgeting and financial management modules to help complete the store construction on-time and within budget.

Requirement also was to provide detail reporting to various executive management levels.

Also there were requirements to create analytics dashboard which can give quick insights of the inner workings.

Solution :

Maintenance and support :

1.We have successfully built additional modules and Maintained the Software system.

2.We designed and created Finance tracking module which could track the payments and provide anomaly detection triggers like flagging when contract value exceeds the planned budget.

3.We successfully setup Jira service desk using which users can login and raise issues on their own and also dashboards were setup for tracking the issues.

4.Setup Mobile Apps executable in Web – placeholder for secure downloading.

Supporting Mobile Apps:

1.We created Mobile Apps in iOS and Android which could allow the user to do the Handover and other functionalities on the move like take images offline for verification and update the backend system with images/comments online – when they have a proper internet connection.

2.Finance approvals can now be done through Mobile Apps.

Tableau Dashboards:

We were also involved in building

1.Single sign on for Tableau

2.Main dashboards(phases timeline) and Finance dashboards(anomaly detection) .

TV Apps:

Dashboard status visualizations on TV.

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