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First OTT platform with eCommerce

Gizmott is the first OTT platform that incorporates our live commerce platform, Flixbuy. It's a turnkey solution to launch live commerce in e-commerce stores with influencer live streams, shoppable videos, and shoppable ads. Flixbuy is integrated with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, Squarespace, Magneto, comprising 60% of e-commerce stores.

Gizmott Flixbuy eCommerce
Gizmeon Linear Streaming

Linear Streaming

GIZMOTT can help you schedule your own linear TV-style broadcast channels and cast to web, mobile, OTT or even to cable and satellite. It supports both live event streaming and VOD to Live streaming. It also comes with various monetization options including Ad scheduling via SSAI or DAI

Monetization Services

Monetize your content with SVOD, AVOD, TVOD or mix and match to best fit your business plan. Our AVOD monetization comes with built-in SSP with all Ad tech components and direct access to Demand. Our monetization experts will work with you to ensure continuous revenue growth.

Gizmeon Monetization
Cost Effective

Lower upfront price and usage-based monthly pricing will enable you to invest in content generation and marketing.

Live Commerce

Gizmott is the first OTT platform with eCommerce built-in. A Turnkey solution to launch ecommerce in OTT platforms with shoppable videos, influencer live streams, and shoppable ads.

Third party Distribution

Along with launching your own OTT service, we can help you to distribute content to vMVPDs to reach maximum audience and generate higher revenue.

All-In-One Solution

GIZMOTT includes everything that you require to start your own VOD/Live Streaming App or Linear Broadcasting Business in SVOD, AVOD or TVOD model

Monetization as Service

Built-in SSP, Connected Demand Partners, and support from expert monetization consultants will enable faster and higher revenue generation.

Speed to Market

We can launch an OTT service in just two to four weeks' time across all major platforms.

Maximum Reach

With support for all popular devices including iOS & Android mobiles, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, LG, Samsung, Apple TV, Android TV and Web, GIZMOTT ensures that your content achieves maximum viewership.


Discover Wisconsin

Discover Wisconsin is a multi-faceted media brand focused on telling the stories of Wisconsin’s most fascinating people, places and companies. With a TV show that streams on Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Smart TV, and Roku, airs across the upper Midwest, a statewide radio program, a highly engaged social media following.


Boondock Nation

Boondock Nation has a lot of inspiring outdoor adventure content. Take a chance, push a boundary, meet new friends and be inspired by nature’s majesty. Boondock Nation is a state of mind, inclusive in nature and welcoming to all who want to connect with something more.


Into The

Into The Outdoors is an education network that empowers today’s youth and adults around them to think critically about our planet. Part science lesson and part adventure, Into the Outdoors uncovers the stories behind sensible solutions to creating a better planet while the kid hosts have some fun along the way whether they are participating in shooting sports, angling or exploring nature, science or agriculture.


Adventure Sports TV

Our most recent one is for a client in Europe and their video streaming App is called Adventure Sports TV. The company holds distribution licenses for many niche videos in the Adventure, Action, and Sports segment. We rolled this out on a Subscription model.



We developed CeyFlix for a client based in Australia who wanted to market their vast content from South Asia, mainly Sri Lanka, to expats worldwide. This is also a subscription-based model and viewers can access the content on a wide variety of devices including mobiles, TV and on a browser.


TV Excel

Our client based in Indiana, USA specializes in high-quality motivational content that is guaranteed to invigorate its viewers of all ages. A lot of their content is free to users as it is monetized through advertisements but they also have some of their more premium content exclusively for their subscribers.


Fantastic Entertainment

Our client based in Arizona, USA is a self-styled, efficient operation with a commitment to finding and distributing quality, independent films internationally. They have free content that is distributed in AVOD model and their premium content is available as a subscription.


The Movie

This client based in Massachusetts, USA is the world's largest public domain film archive and store, specializing in selling classic movies, television shows, rare titles & video clips. All thier content is free to view and the revenues are generated through Advertisements.


Happi TV

HappiTV is a US-based streaming site/Apps for the LGBTQ+ community with 100% free content. They have Feature films, TV series, Non-fiction, and short-form videos. Their content is monetized with advertisement support.