Online Training and Coaching – A $325 Billion Market

Online Training and Coaching – A $325 Billion Market

Online training has had an impact that changed the way of transferring and receiving knowledge over the past decade. There are no more barriers to acquiring knowledge, and we have witnessed the tremendous influence of online training in this pandemic period. 

According to the statistics, the learning market will grow to $325.10 billion by 2025. Online video hosting platforms have become familiar to everyone, and businesses also have the advantage of onboarding employees virtually. Video platforms have replaced whiteboards.

Learning online has many advantages.

1) Helps to comprehend complex information.

2) Retain information.

3) Multi-model learning.

4) Learning at any location.

Smart TVs are a great choice for online training, and it seems to be the best option compared to mobile and other devices. For people who want convenient means for learning and entertainment, smart TVs work well. Students can learn better through smart TVs. The pre-requisites for online learning are a device with a proper video streaming platform and a stable internet connection. 

Students are not only benefitted from online training. Rather, newly recruited employees, people who learn music, yoga, dance, through online learning will have a great time irrespective of location. Online courses are redefining contemporary educational methods. Students can pause between videos and understand facts rather than grasping them in a single stretch.

There are web-based educational platforms that grew and developed in a way that we have not imagined. With Gizmott, you can launch your own branded training and coaching apps for all popular devices, including smart TVs, at very affordable costs. You will have the flexibility to add custom features that are unique to your apps that will help differentiate yourself from the rest. Our dedicated team of developers will ensure that your viewers/students have uninterrupted access to your content at all times. To learn more about us, visit


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