Latest news & insights from this week

Latest news & insights from this week

Paramount+ attracts 56 million subscribers and increases rates

Recently, Paramount released its quarterly earnings report following the significant integration of Showtime into Paramount+ two weeks ago. The company revealed that Paramount+ added 9.9 million new subscribers in Q4 to bring its total subscriber base to 56 million, an increase from 46 million in the previous quarter. As a result, Paramount+ has a larger client base than Hulu, which just announced having 48 million subscribers. However, the business acknowledged that the addition of Showtime will result in price increases for all of its services.

Analyst predictions for a net acquisition of 10 million members were just missed by Paramount+. The number of direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscribers increased by 10.8 million across Paramount+, Showtime, BET+, and Noggin, bringing the total to 77 million.

In order to reflect the new Showtime content, the firm said during the earnings call that it will be raising the price of its Paramount+ Premium tier from $9.99/month to $11.99/month. The Essential tier will cost $5.99 per month instead of $4.99, and it will exclude Showtime. When Paramount+ with Showtime debuts in the first quarter of 2023, both current and prospective customers will notice the pricing changes. Click here to read more.

Roku Channel's U.S. viewership grows to 100 million, while Q4 revenue remains steady

Roku’s fourth-quarter 2022 earnings above previously revised estimates as the company’s platform division continued to expand.

The maker of streaming devices and platforms reported quarterly revenue of $867.1 million, which was practically steady year over year. Nevertheless, the firm saw a net loss of $237.2 million (or $1.70 per share), as opposed to a net income of $23.7 million in Q4 2021. According to Refinitiv statistics, Wall Street analysts anticipated revenue of $801.69 million and a loss of $1.73 per share, so it was a respectable beat on the top line.

By the end of 2022, Roku expects to have 70 million active streaming accounts, up around 4.6 million from the third quarter. In Q4 of 2022, there were 23.9 billion streaming hours (up 23% annually) and 87.4 billion for the entire year (up 19%) on Roku devices. Click here to read more.

Fox's Tubi streaming service hits 64 million monthly active users milestone

The number of monthly active users on Fox’s free ad-supported streaming TV service Tubi has hit 64 million.

The data was released by Tubi along with a study on the state of streaming, FAST, and AVOD. With consumers streaming more than 5 billion hours a year ago, Tubi’s total watching time (TVT) increased by 44% from 2021 to 2022.

As for Tubi, it seems that its growth has been observed. According to a recent Bloomberg article, Fox rejected unsolicited proposals for the FAST service totaling over $2 billion. It is an increase of 3 million from the previous statistic of 61 million monthly active subscribers and from the 25 million Tubi had when Fox acquired the streaming service nearly three years ago. Click here to read more.

Nielsen Report Shows Streaming Grows 31.8%

An overview of the TV and streaming markets was provided by Nielsen’s gauge report, which was released yesterday. According to the data, broadcast viewing decreased by 6% from January 2022 while streaming maintained its dominance with 38.1% of viewing, an increase of 1.2% from December.

Despite a 4% monthly decline, cable TV news is still the most watched programme on cable networks. According to Nielsen, the primary issue for cable was a decline in feature film watchers on cable channels in January, down almost 20% from the higher holiday viewing of films in November and December.

According to Nielsen, YouTube continues to dominate the streaming market with an 8.6% share. Netflix is second with a 7.5% share, followed by Hulu with 3.5%, Amazon Prime Video with 2.9%, Disney+ with 1.7%, Peacock with 1.0%, and Pluto TV with 0.8%. Notably, viewing on Disney+ has decreased by over 10% from December’s figures. Click here to read more.

Streaming to top traditional TV for the first time

According to a prediction made on Wednesday by Insider Intelligence, American people will watch more digital video this year than traditional television for the first time ever. These platforms include Netflix, TikTok, and YouTube.

For the first time in history, the market tracker predicted that “linear TV” viewing would decline to less than three hours per day, while daily digital video viewing increased to 52.3 percent with 3 hours and 11 minutes.

The move away from traditional television is also being fueled by the availability of live athletic events on video streaming platforms, as well as by the popularity of shared video clips on apps, according to a market tracker. Click here to read more.

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