How Gizmott Can Elevate Your Streaming Business

How Gizmott Can Elevate Your Streaming Business

Video streaming is one of the most popular and profitable forms of entertainment in the digital age. However, launching and running a successful video streaming service is not an easy task. You need a reliable and scalable OTT platform that can handle the technical and business challenges of video streaming. That’s where Gizmott comes in.

Gizmott is a next-generation OTT platform that offers everything you need to start, grow, and monetize your video service. In this blog post, we will explore how Gizmott can elevate your video experience with its top features. Whether you want to stream live or on-demand content, offer free or paid access, reach global or local audience, or distribute to multiple devices or platforms, Gizmott has you covered. Let’s dive in!

What can you do with Gizmott?

Gizmott empowers you to take control of your video content and communication in ways that enrich your digital life:

Manage Audio & Video

Adjust audio and video settings to match your preferences, ensuring that your viewing and video call experiences are perfectly tailored to your liking.

Manage Playlists

Create and curate playlists of your favorite content, making it easy to organize and access the videos you love.

Create Collaborative Workflows

Gizmott facilitates collaboration by enabling you to seamlessly share and work on video projects with colleagues, making it an ideal tool for businesses and creative professionals.

Create Shoppable Videos

Monetize your content by turning your videos into interactive, shoppable experiences, allowing viewers to shop for products featured in the video, opening up exciting possibilities for content creators and businesses.

Which industries can use Gizmott as a video hosting platform?

Gizmott, with its versatile features and capabilities, can be a valuable video hosting platform for a wide range of industries. Here are some industries that can benefit from using Gizmott:

Entertainment and Media

Gizmott is an excellent platform for streaming movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment content. Production companies, streaming services, and content creators can leverage Gizmott to reach their audiences with high-quality videos.

E-Learning and Education

Educational institutions, online course providers, and e-learning platforms can use Gizmott to host and deliver educational videos. Its adaptive streaming and video conferencing features make it suitable for virtual classrooms and training sessions.

Business and Corporate

Companies can use Gizmott for internal communication, training, and virtual meetings. Its video conferencing enhancements, collaborative workflow features, and shoppable video capabilities can be particularly useful for businesses looking to engage with both employees and customers.


Healthcare professionals and organizations can utilize Gizmott for telemedicine services, patient education, and training videos. The platform’s video call enhancements and secure communication features are valuable in this sector.


Online retailers can enhance their product listings with shoppable videos on Gizmott. This feature allows customers to interact with products directly in the video, leading to higher conversion rates.

Real Estate

Real estate agents and agencies can showcase properties through high-quality video tours hosted on Gizmott. The platform’s collaborative workflow capabilities can simplify the process of creating and sharing property videos.

Travel and Hospitality

Travel agencies, hotels, and tourism companies can use Gizmott to create engaging travel content, virtual tours, and promotional videos to attract travellers and guests.

Nonprofits and Charities

Nonprofit organizations can leverage Gizmott to share their mission and success stories through compelling videos. The platform’s ability to reach a wide audience can help raise awareness and support for their causes.

Event Management

Event planners and organizers can use Gizmott to live-stream and archive events, conferences, and seminars. The platform’s multi-platform support ensures that attendees can access content from various devices.

Government and Public Sector

Government agencies can utilize Gizmott for public communication, webinars, and virtual town hall meetings. Its secure video conferencing features can ensure confidential discussions when needed.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing agencies and advertisers can create and host promotional videos, webinars, and product demos on Gizmott. The shoppable video feature can drive direct engagement and sales.

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness trainers and wellness coaches can offer online classes and tutorials through Gizmott. Adaptive streaming ensures a smooth workout experience for users with varying internet speeds.

Top 5 Features that make Gizmott a game-changer for enhancing the video experience

Gizmott, with its array of features, is indeed a game-changer when it comes to enhancing the video experience. Here are the top five features that set Gizmott apart and elevate your video experience:

Robust Digital Asset Management

Gizmott offers powerful digital asset management capabilities, making it easy to organize and access your video content, images, documents, and metadata. This feature streamlines content management for businesses, ensuring efficient organization and quick retrieval of assets, enhancing your overall video experience.

Security Assurance

Gizmott boasts enterprise-grade security protocols, safeguarding your video content and communication. This ensures that your data remains secure during video calls, content sharing, and storage within the Gizmott platform.

Built-In CDN

Gizmott incorporates a robust Content Delivery Network (CDN) within its platform. This CDN optimizes video delivery, ensuring that your content is readily available to viewers without delays or buffering, enhancing your video experience significantly.

Effortless bulk upload

Gizmott simplifies the process of uploading multiple videos simultaneously. With its bulk upload feature, you can effortlessly add and manage numerous videos, saving time and streamlining your video content management experience.

Enhanced HTML5 Video Player

Gizmott’s tailored HTML5 video player enhances your streaming experience. It boosts brand visibility, content access, and language support. Seamlessly integrate it into your platforms for uninterrupted, ad-free streaming.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Gizmott provides in-depth analytics and reporting tools, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your video performance. These features empower you to make data-driven decisions, refine your content strategy, and optimize your viewers’ experience on the platform.

So why choose Gizmott as your Streaming Partner?

Choose Gizmott as your streaming partner for a seamless and unparalleled entertainment experience. With our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, we provide a platform that caters to your every need.

Whether you crave blockbuster movies, thrilling sports events, or immersive gaming, Gizmott offers a diverse and ever-expanding content library. Our user-friendly interface and customizable features ensure that your preferences are at the forefront of your streaming journey.

When you choose Gizmott as your streaming partner, you’re opting for a premium, professional, and future-oriented entertainment solution that will elevate your viewing experience to new heights.

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