How Gizmott can help you diversify content and create a content marketplace with the Content Partner module

How Gizmott can help you diversify content and create a content marketplace with the Content Partner module

In the ever-expanding landscape of Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms, content
is king. As an OTT platform provider, we understand the critical role that
diverse, high-quality content plays in attracting and retaining audiences.
That’s why we’ve developed a robust Content Partner Module within our
Content Management System (CMS), enabling seamless collaboration
between our clients and their chosen content partners.

Streamlined Partnership Management

Our Content Partner Module empowers our clients to effortlessly manage
their content partnerships. Rather than offering a curated marketplace,
we provide clients with the flexibility to add their own content partners to
the platform. This approach allows our clients to cultivate relationships
with the content providers that best align with their platform’s content
strategy and audience preferences.
Through our module, clients can onboard content partners with ease,
granting them access to a dedicated login portal where they can upload
their media assets directly. Additionally, we provide content partners with
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to our servers, facilitating the easy
uploading of large files and ensuring efficient content delivery to our

Effortless Content Upload and Management

For content partners, our user-friendly login portal and FTP access
streamline the content upload and management process. Upon receiving
access credentials from our clients, content partners can log in to our
platform and upload their media assets seamlessly. Our CMS supports a
wide range of file formats, ensuring compatibility with diverse content
types, from videos and audio files to images and documents.
In addition to content upload capabilities, our platform provides robust
metadata management tools, allowing content partners to enrich their
media assets with relevant information such as titles, descriptions,
genres, and cast details. This metadata not only enhances the
discoverability of content within our platform but also improves search
engine optimization (SEO), driving organic traffic and audience
Furthermore, our platform offers advanced content management features,
including version control, content tagging, and rights management,
empowering content partners to maintain control over their intellectual
property and ensure compliance with licensing agreements.

Insightful Analytics and Reporting

In today’s data-driven digital landscape, actionable insights are essential
for success. Our Content Partner Module includes a comprehensive suite
of analytics and reporting tools designed to empower content partners
with valuable insights into content performance and audience
Through our platform, content partners can access real-time analytics
dashboards, providing visibility into key performance metrics such as
viewer engagement, content consumption patterns, and audience
demographics. By analyzing these metrics, content partners can gain a
deeper understanding of their audience’s preferences and behavior,
enabling them to optimize their content strategies and drive viewer
In addition to real-time analytics, our platform offers robust reporting
capabilities, allowing content partners to generate customized reports on
various aspects of their content business. Whether tracking revenue
streams, monitoring content popularity, or evaluating the effectiveness of
marketing campaigns, our reporting tools provide content partners with
the actionable insights they need to drive growth and success.

Benefits for Our Clients

By leveraging our Content Partner Module, our clients gain access to a
host of benefits that empower them to drive success and innovation on
their OTT platforms.
First and foremost, our module enables clients to build a diverse and
compelling content library featuring media assets from their chosen
content partners. With full control over their content partnerships and
content curation process, clients can tailor their content offerings to suit
their audience’s preferences, driving engagement and loyalty.
Furthermore, our platform simplifies content management processes for
clients, reducing time-to-market and operational overheads. By providing
content partners with a dedicated login portal for content upload and
management, along with FTP access for easy uploading of large files, we
streamline collaboration and communication, enabling clients to focus on
delivering exceptional viewing experiences to their audiences.
Moreover, our analytics and reporting tools empower clients to make
data-driven decisions that optimize content performance and maximize
revenue potential. By gaining insights into audience behavior and content
consumption patterns, clients can refine their content strategies, identify
new monetization opportunities, and drive sustainable growth for their
OTT platforms.


In today’s dynamic and competitive OTT landscape, collaboration is
essential for success. Our Content Partner Module serves as a catalyst for
collaboration, enabling seamless partnerships between our clients and
their chosen content partners to drive success and innovation.
From streamlined partnership management to effortless content upload
and management, insightful analytics, and reporting, our platform offers a
comprehensive suite of features and tools designed to empower our
clients and content partners alike.
Ready to elevate your OTT platform to new heights? Explore the
possibilities with our Content Partner Module and unlock the full potential
of your content strategy today

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