Streaming maintains its upward trend and other latest news

Streaming maintains its upward trend and other latest news

A poll indicates that 91 percent of viewers prefer streaming aggregation.

Discussions on how to combine these apps into one location arise as users increase the number of streaming providers they use. According to recent findings from Hub Entertainment Research, most consumers concur that video aggregation improves the viewing experience.

In fact, 91 percent of those surveyed believe that access to various services through a single device enhances the watching experience, with more than half of customers (52 percent) claiming that aggregation improves the experience.

Customers appreciate having a single bill for all of their apps in addition to claiming that video aggregators are easy to use. The typical number of streaming apps appears to be increasing steadily. Consumers typically want at least four streaming options before they are happy with their TV needs, according to a Hub survey from April. Consumers have the option of saving money on services by opting for a streaming package. Click here to read more.

Streaming surpasses one-third of total TV time in June.

Streaming video reached yet another record share of television usage in the last month, continuing a trend that indicates it will soon overtake broadcast television as the most popular use of consumers’ TV time. Despite the fact that TV viewing typically slows during the summer months, streaming reached a new high of 33.7 percent of total TV time in June 2022, according to Nielsen’s June 2022 The Gauge report. The increase in the streaming category increased total June TV viewing by 1.9 percent.

This surge in streaming share lifted all of the major streaming players in terms of viewing time, and four of them set new monthly viewing records: Netflix, YouTube and YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

Both linear categories were influenced by live sporting events. The NHL and NBA finals in June boosted sports broadcast views by 43.8 percent. Even though sports continue to have a presence on linear TV, this may change in the long run as more programming moves to streaming. Click here to read more.

NFL launches NFL+ streaming service for mobile.

Subscribers will have access to live out-of-market pre-season games, live local and primetime regular season games, and live post-season games through the streamer, which is initially exclusively available on smartphones. Additionally, it will host on-demand NFL Network shows, NFL Films archives, live local and national audio for every game, and other material.

NFL+ may be purchased at two different tiers within the NFL App for US$4.99/9.99 per month or US$39.99/79.99 per year. The Other-22 Coaches Film, full and condensed game replays, and all NFL+ features are included in the premium tier.

The NFL Game Pass, which provided some of the same services but was also accessible on smart TVs as opposed to just mobile devices, will be replaced by the new programme. Football fans who want to watch every away game on TV must purchase an additional NFL Sunday Ticket; Disney, Apple, and Amazon are all competing for these still-unawarded rights. Click here to read more.

Netflix to introduce new password sharing payment plan in five countries.

Variety reports that the corporation is launching a feature that would let clients to legally enable access from a second home in five Latin American countries for an extra monthly price. Starting the next month, Netflix users in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras will have access to the “create a home” option. Then, anyone in each additional home will be able to stream Netflix for less than the cost of a complete standalone memory plan on any device.

According to Netflix, users violate the terms of service by disclosing their login information to more than 100 million non-paying households globally, including more than 30 million in the United States and Canada.

One additional home may be added by customers with the Basic plan, two additional homes may be purchased by customers with the Standard plan, and three additional homes may be added by subscribers with the Premium plan. On its website for customer service, Netflix notes that, “if you are away from the Netflix household for an extended period of time,” it may occasionally ask you to authenticate your device. Click here to read more.

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