Gizmott For Faith Streaming

Helping broadcasters and religious content owners reach a wider audience and deliver religious content across the globe to engage communities to connect, engage, and contribute, under one integrated platform.

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Broadcasting Channel Streaming
Stream your religious-based channels across iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire, etc. to deliver on demand streaming services & stay spiritually connected by reaching your followers worldwide.
Event Streaming
Make events lively and accessible by launching your customized religious app and boost your spiritual involvement.
Your viewers can now donate to your organizations directly through your websites or apps with a click of a button.
Brand Safe Advertisements
Our in-built AI algorithms for predictive analytics and comprehensive security enables video streaming in a brand safe environment.
Social Media Streaming
By connecting with various social media networks, empower your virtual religious community via multiple live streaming services.
Cost Competitive
Offering high-performance live streaming with feature rich content with best prices in the market, on a usage-based monthly pricing packages.

What Gizmott can do for you

Stream in minutes from anywhere.

Gizmott’s easy-to-use live streaming and on-demand video platform for churches and faith based organizations can reach viewers online through embeddable web players, mobile apps, and social media platforms right from your fingertips.

Broadcast to audiences of any size.

Whether you have millions of members or a small dedicated community, Gizmott provides the tools you need to deliver immersive and interactive spiritual experiences.

Know your audience.

Gizmott’s in-depth analytics, lets you see what works best and what doesn’t. Evaluates how the communities interacts, and what content they prefer, and then improves the experience to provide a more significant and purposeful streaming.

Convert live worship into VODs.

Record your live-streamed religious videos and save them as on-demand content for members of your religious community to playback later if they weren’t able to watch the live streaming in real-time.

Raise funds through donations.

With Gizmott, you can let your audience donate to cover your expenses. In addition, we offer multiple monetization models such as subscription, advertisements, pay-per-view, and more.

Enhanced video privacy and security.

To ensure a smooth, hassle-free worship experience, protect your content with our best encrypted technology and other security measures to keep unwanted visitors away