How to Live Stream your University Sports Events

How to Live Stream your University Sports Events

As a sports OTT streaming trailblazer, Gizmott is committed to providing a professional platform for school/college sports teams at a fraction of the cost. Live streaming allows OTT sports content to be flexible, from broadcasting high school games to major university league tournaments.

At Gizmott we recognise how hugely beneficial livestreaming university sporting events is. University/college teams around the world are able to create a lasting legacy through the production of engaging content while generating revenue for the teams.

The majority of Gen Z and millennial sports fans are driving the transition in sports consumption, which shows how crucial it is to engage younger fans when so much viewing switches to digital.

Why Should Universities Broadcast Live Sports Streaming?

Live sports streaming has become very popular, especially in the wake of the global pandemic. While social isolation has made it difficult for fans to support their favorite university teams in outdoor stadiums, a specialized live sports streaming platform offers the same content and sometimes even more excitement.

Now is the ideal time to consider live streaming sports for your school or college clubs. Fans may not have been able to participate in outdoor sports due to the pandemic, but they can still watch a tournament online. Furthermore, live sports broadcasting has significant business opportunities. Of course, you’ll need to decide on important factors like hardware, revenue streams, streaming services, and more, but first, let’s look more closely at why schools and colleges should think about broadcasting live sports.

Creating the ultimate viewing experience

Connecting with the community—both near and far—is core to strategy for standing up a successful livestream. This is designed to create a fan experience that reaches fans both inside and outside of the stadium.

Gizmott’s all-in-one solution brings fans to the field, the huddle, the locker room, and the back office. Your virtual sports empire will engage your audience more deeply in the game. Of course, the live-streaming of sports activities is not a new thing. We’ve been watching major leagues like EPL and UEFA virtually since time immemorial.

What’s new is the broadcasting of niche games such as school/college sports. While organizers of major leagues and tournaments understand the business of live-streaming sports events, most university sports planners don’t. And that’s where we come in, to guide you on how to organize and live-stream their events.

What’s in it for the university to help facilitate this?

Well, brands can be lucrative for both players and teams. With players now looking to join schools/colleges that can help facilitate this new opportunity, they will be evaluating what tools are going to be used to promote them. A University’s video content strategy will be one of their strongest tools to attract promising young athletes. Live video in particular, can be leveraged in a way that brings that 1 to 1 relationship with fans and athletes off the field.

Which brings us to investing in fan engagement. Fan engagement is what attracts the market and fan’s hunger for unmediated, candid experiences with athletes to connect can be established with live streaming or just providing edited content to fans in real time.

This goes beyond just streaming the games, but building a content strategy around the games, that include engaging video with the athletes themselves.

Get started with Gizmott today

Gizmott’s dedication to provide a cost-effective sports streaming platform that ensures quality broadcasts and helps schools/colleges to grow their audiences, makes it a leading digital video platform for sports organizations of all levels, from university tournaments to the pros.

Even after the pandemic, there will always be a demand for live sports, and OTT will play a significant part in meeting that demand. Live sports streaming can be a big success with the right tools, settings, marketing, and monetization.

If you want to give VOD and live stream pay-per-view broadcasting a try, get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with a demo. You can test out all our great features for yourself and see whether Gizmott will meet your streaming requirements.

Start live streaming your sporting events today by using a dedicated, professional live streaming platform like Gizmott.

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