Live streaming strategies

Live streaming strategies

Live streaming events is a great approach to reach an audience all around the world. Everyone from influencers, organizations, corporates, etc. are hopping on board to capitalize on this live streaming trend.

Watch how media firms and video service providers who offer live streaming events create chances to interact with audiences around the world, generate video business revenue, and maximize video advertising earnings.

This article examines the new paths the video business is going in as a result of viewer behavioral changes and cloud usage. We’ll give some real-world instances of live event streaming and go over the advantages for video businesses.

Everyone can watch live streamed events; it’s not just for companies with large media budgets. Anyone can webcast live events, including those held by startups and small enterprises, such as:

• Concerts

• Sporting events

• Graduations

• Meetings

• Webinars

• Ceremonies

In order to provide you a thorough understanding of live event streaming in today’s ultra-connected world, we’ll also go through the crucial elements to consider when selecting streaming solutions for your live events.

Why should your business live stream events?

1. Growing your audience

Reach out to audience members who want to attend your event live but are unable to do so. Connect with more individuals virtually than attending physically. Live streaming events is a great way to reach a wider audience.

2. Reduces time & expenses

Live streams considerably reduces the time to create videos and can significantly cut down the production costs associated with it.

3. Improves engagement & interactivity

With a live stream, you can increase viewer engagement in your events. Connectivity enhances even more if you place a Q&A or an interactive session within your stream for an engaging and enriched experience.

4. Enables social sharing

You can now watch and share your live streams with viewers around the world from anywhere. This special experience lets you to watch events with friends and family, get their reactions, and comment in real-time, no matter where you are.

5. Provides multiple language options

For a global audience base, you can deliver content in any language and generate revenue if your viewers are looking for a more diverse content and to be able to watch from their home country of origin.

Tips for a successful live streaming event.

Live streams can increase efficiency and benefit any business. With this guide you can repurpose your live streams in one or more ways as per your priorities or goals. To get started with, you need a competitive live streaming platform that lets you record, save, and access your live videos easily. Let’s dive into some tips to consider before jumping into live streaming.

• Choose the right live streaming platform

When considering a platform to live stream your events, you’ll need to choose a professional-grade live streaming platform like Gizmott.

Gizmott uses a global content delivery network with tailor-made streaming solutions, flexible monetization options, built-in analytics and much more to provide a top-class broadcasting experience for you and a better viewing experience for your audience.

• Pick your broadcasting equipment

Once you’ve chosen which live-streaming platform best suits your requirements, it’s time to wisely invest in quality equipment that delivers the best results for the type of event you plan to broadcast.

We encourage every broadcaster or content creator to invest in a recording camera, a microphone, an audio mixer and a good lighting setup for a professional-grade live streaming experience within your budget.

• Choose your video encoder

You’ll need to invest on a hardware or software encoder for a better live streaming setup. It is the last piece of video streaming equipment required to produce high-quality live streams.

Choosing an encoder compatible with your chosen live video streaming platform is essential so you don’t run into any issues when configuring your settings

• Opt for a CDN

A global content delivery network ensures a good performance with low latency videos and helps optimize SEO without affecting the speed of the delivery.

• Do a trial run before going live

Once everything’s setup to go live, double check for a seamless broadcasting experience for your viewers. Testing your live stream ensures speed and stability and can help you identify weak links, if any.

Start Live Streaming with Gizmott.

Live streaming events has many benefits for businesses like entertainment, fitness, sports, corporates, faith-based services, etc. For broadcasting such events choosing the right platform plays a significant role.

Gizmott, an all-in-one live streaming platform, lets you host professional live stream events while also ensuring the best streaming software apart from high-quality equipment, lighting, and venue. With Gizmott, you can launch scalable live streams and broadcast services to viewers globally.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of live streaming and what all to consider while live streaming an event, it’s time to move forward with the best live streaming platform. If you’re aiming to monetize your live streams and give your audience a complete viewing experience, Gizmott is the solution. Visit our website to get in touch with us or drop us a line at and we’ll show you how to kickstart your live streams.

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