Latest streaming news for the week

Latest streaming news for the week

Tubi shows up on Nielson’s platform rankings

The February edition of Nielsen’s The Gauge Total TV and Streaming Snapshot featured a statement from Fox Corporation’s ad-supported video-on-demand service, announcing its launch.

The Gauge, which monitors monthly TV and streaming consumption in the US, reports that in February 2023, Tubi had 1% of all TV viewing minutes, making it the most popular FAST (free ad supported television) service in the country.

Since its start, Tubi has been at the forefront of putting in place first-in-industry technologies to cater to the demands of buyers and make CTV transactions simple. The platform from Tubi is designed only for ad-supported content; there are no secret paywalls or tiers, and it is enhanced for interaction and viewing. Click here to read more.

Paramount+ to launch mobile-only tier in Mexico & Brazil

A new mobile-only tier for smartphones and tablets will allow customers in Mexico and Brazil to enjoy Paramount+ content.

According to Paramount, the “competitively priced plan” will enable customers to stream the service’s massive amount of content on one tablet or mobile device at a time, without interruptions, and ad-free.

More than 50% of web users in Mexico and Brazil use smartphones to access streaming services and view on-demand TV and movies, according to internal studies. The Basic Plan will be available for 14.90 reais (€2.65) per month in Brazil and for 79.00 MXN pesos (€3.93) per month in Mexico. Click here to read more.

FIM is all set to launch an OTT platform

Later this month, the FIM OTT platform will officially open with a live broadcast on FIM-MOTO. TV coverage of the FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators finals, held March 18–19 in Inzell, Germany.

Over The Top, or OTT, is a service that is provided to viewers directly through the internet without the assistance of a television provider. Instead, material is supplied directly to mobile devices, desktops, or Smart TVs through applications or websites.

According to extensive research, online videos make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic, which is ideal for the FIM’s new approach of producing only live material for FIM TV transmission.

Further live broadcasts from TrialGP, the ISDE, and the FIM Awards ceremony are also scheduled, with a potential for 65 hours of live coverage during the season for a small per-event cost. Click here to read more.

Netflix leads the list of streaming ‘essentials’

According to a survey of 1,947 US streaming subscribers, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ were the most important services, followed by Epix Now. On the list of the top-16 streamers on the market, Apple TV+ and Peacock were last.

With two thirds of its members rating, it as “vital” rather than “good to have,” Netflix came out on top of the list. Disney+ and Hulu each received a 52% and a 53% rating. According to Aluma, households using SVOD services in 2022 spent an average of US$43.25 per month, up considerably from 2020 but largely consistent when compared to 2021.

However, between 2020 and 2022, the proportion of SVOD consumers who were willing to spend more fell from 14% to 8%, while the proportion who intended to cut back on these costs rose from 17% to 25%. Click here to read more.

Vizio launches exclusive branded content

Today, VIZIO revealed the debut of 3 Pointers, an exclusive branded entertainment series. The four-part limited series, which is produced in collaboration with presenting sponsor BetMGM, a market-leading provider of gambling and sports betting entertainment, honours the March tournament for college basketball’s culture.

Short (under 10 minute) videos with an emphasis on recipes, drinks, and entertainment hacks are included in the exclusive brand-integrated mid-form series. It expands on VIZIO’s success with the launch of @Home with Tori, a lifestyle reality show with Tori Spelling, and Polaris, the Black-owned free ad-supported streaming TV channel (FAST).

Each episode includes a natural integration of the BetMGM brand at the content level, giving BetMGM a genuine, unobtrusive opportunity to engage audiences on all levels. VIZIO added two extra elements to make sure BetMGM gets this information in front of the correct audience. Secondly, placements for both Hero autoplay banners with branded content trailers and Discover banners will be used to advertise the 3 Pointers series on the VIZIO Home Page. Click here to read more.

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